Get Involved

It is important to realise that Little Athletics cannot operate without the support of, and work that is done by, our parent helpers and officials. The club requires parent involvement to be able to conduct all the events successfully each week.

Every parent is an important part of the Little Athletics community. Without your help, there wouldn’t be anyone to conduct the events for our children. During the Little Athletics season you will be rostered to help out as an official, including at carnivals, or you might be asked to assist each week with your child’s group.

You can find more information about our events and how to help at CLAC by reading the "Information Booklet". It is for new parents or individuals who want to be involved with Little Athletics. It aims to provide basic information about all events that are included in most Centre programs. 

The ACT Little Athletics Association also has an Officials Program. This accreditation is more specific, concentrating on the rules. For further information speak to your Centre secretary, Officer of Officials or contact the Association office.

Below are some training videos to give you confidence to get involved.